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Students hope practice pays off

By Desmond Catron (K.I.P.P)

Nearly 200 students from across the city gathered at Middle Baptist Church, 801 Whitehaven Lane, for a free ACT workshop in early November.

Students packed on five rows on a long but small set of bleachers in the church’s gym to start off the day at 8 am on November 6; most brought a calculator because they knew for sure that they would need a little tutoring on the math portion of the test.

Workshop attendees benefited from the presence of retired teacher Mary Sinclair during the workshop. Sinclair helped design questions for the ACT test a few years ago, so gave students some insider tips while other teachers taught techniques and for taking the test.

For instance, students learned that all of the “EXCEPT” questions on the test usually can be found on the same line in all of the stories on the test.

Students found out that although the science section of the ACT looks confusing, all they really have to do is read the excerpts and get a good understanding to make their decisions from the text and graphs.

Most students interviewed admitted that the science part of the test is were they might lose concentration or have chosen a random answer, because science is the last section of the test and is the part where they lose their vigor.

Dellarontay Readus, the acclaimed Melrose High School graduate who was accepted into eight Ivy League universities last year, attended the same ACT workshop and later scored a 31 on the test. Readus, who received a full scholarship and is currently enrolled at Stanford University in California, served as inspiration to all at this year’s workshop.

The full course of knowledge came with a free, side order of Jason’s Deli for lunch.

Z’quorea Clark, a senior from Wooddale High School said, “Programs like this are very important to the community and more students should take advantage of them because they are here to help you become a better you. Opportunities like today are hard to come by.”

Middle Baptist Church gave each senior who attended a Lester Basken book scholarship.

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