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The ‘Senioritis’ epidemic hits schools again

By Jasmine Williamson (Douglass High School)

Senior year is finally here. You are expecting time to “fly by” like the past seniors have recalled. You just know this will be the easiest year of your life, but no.

It has now finally dawned on you that you are a senior. You were not expecting the troublesome teachers. You were not expecting the hardest math ever. Where is all the fun people suggested you would have? What happened to “chill” days? Senior year has become one of the most frustrating times in a teen’s life.

The stress of taking Advanced Placement courses in addition to being in honors courses can be so overwhelming. You knew this day was coming, but not like this. Everyone has filled your head with such high hopes about senior year. It is starting to take a toll on you, but giving up is not an option.

It is only the first semester and everything is a whirlwind. You start to realize that the statement “senior year flies by” is not necessarily true. That “senioritis” feeling is starting to kick in, but you have been waiting for this moment since the beginning of your school life. There is no way you are giving up on 11 years of school work.

For Douglass senior Franklin Simmons the hardest part about being a senior is “living up to the expectations for graduation.”

Over the years the expectations have been more than expecting. Not only do seniors have to meet the expectations of graduation, but also extra responsibilities such as jobs and sports.

Denise Greer, a fellow senior at Douglass said, “It’s hard to work at night and only get a few hours of sleep for school the next day.”

All of these things play a huge role in being a senior.

It can be hard waking up every morning going into the same classes thinking to yourself, “I just don’t get this.” It’s your senior year and suddenly nothing, absolutely nothing makes sense.

Now that you have class work, homework and a possibly a job to worry about there are a couple more things that hit you unexpectedly. Your social life starts to suffer too. Those long phone conversations with your best friend get shorter by the hour. You now have no time to hang out with anyone even during the school day. The days have gotten longer but the nights seem to get shorter. All you really feel like doing is going home and sleeping. Sleeping seems to be the only thing that goes well for you.

This thing called “senior year” is magical and miserable all at the same time.


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