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The dashing Dashiki design trend

By Kerrie Wilson (Central High School)

The Dashiki has been a traditional item of clothing in many West African cultures for centuries, but it is now making a reappearance in today’s American fashion trends.

Dashikis first made an appearance in the 70s for Americans (for males and females) during the “Hippie era.” There has been controversy over calling the garment a “new ‘It’ item” since it has been in African culture for so long.


Recently Elle Canada splashed into hot water after making an article about the “new trend” of celebrities wearing Dashikis. Many consumers took offense to the article, calling it “cultural appropriation” for the celebrities to make a traditional African garment a trend.

Despite the negative attention received, some people think the spreading of the garment is a good thing.

Cierra Johnson, 17, of Central High School said, “I’ve seen more and more people wearing Dashikis, I never thought about wearing one until I noticed other people wearing them. As I was about to order one I read an article about their origin. I think it is cool that African piece of clothing is spreading to other people that aren’t African. I even wore one to school a couple of weeks ago.”


Although it may not be new, the trend of the Dashiki is still dispersing throughout the Western hemisphere.


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This entry was posted on November 5, 2015 by in Fashion, Features, Opinion.


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