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Preparing for college and the future

By Breyanah Graham (Ridgeway High School)

While seniors are consumed with making their final year of high school “the best year ever” there are many things that seniors are doing to have a successful transition from high school to college.

For many high school seniors, preparing for college is like a seventh class that they did not know they would be taking. Between perfecting scores on standardized tests, maintaining a high grade point average, completing application forms, applying for financial aid and scholarships and being involved in extracurricular activities, preparing for college can be the hardest course that seniors face.


Kam Webster, a senior at Arlington High School said, “I had no idea about all the things that I needed to do to get ready for college. It’s crazy how many things we’re expected to do in one year.”

Even though preparing for college starts long before senior year, senior year is the most critical and challenging year because of all the tough decisions that finally have to be made, such as what colleges to actually apply to. In order to make sure that they stay on track with getting ready for college, many seniors are focusing on checking off important things as deadlines rapidly approach.

Olajide Ibitoye, a senior at Ridgeway High School, said, “I am focusing on strengthening my college resume. I am in about 15 writing contests for scholarships. I am signed up for at least 10 scholarship websites and I am actively looking for more local scholarships every day.”

Another senior at Ridgeway High School, BreAuna Gordon, said scheduling college tours, researching scholarships and taking the ACT are just a few of things she is focusing on doing to prepare for college.

However, fitting getting ready for college in between enjoying the last year of high school is not the easiest task for many seniors. Briana Robinson, a senior at Ridgeway High School, said, “The hardest challenge this far has been time. Between being involved in various extracurricular activities, keeping up with my schoolwork, and preparing for the ACT, there is not much time for going on out-of-state college tours or filling out applications. That’s why it is vital to begin looking into college and taking tours as soon as possible. Your senior year will be filled with schoolwork and extracurricular things and there isn’t much time to dedicate to doing college things.”

When asked about advice for younger classmen about preparing for college most seniors seemed to have the same advice: Start early and do not procrastinate.

Ibitoye advised, “Start yesterday. Even though I have made great strides in the college application process I regret not starting earlier. Then I would not be as stressed about it.”


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