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How juniors are preparing for college

By Reginae Butler (Central High School)

The Class of 2017 is taking an early start to begin the long process of college searching with research, college visits and taking the standardized tests early and seriously.

Many students and parents believe that students should wait until your senior year to start their college search and their preparation, but many juniors are taking the initiative to change that tradition. Now that the price of going to college has risen, many juniors are taking the step much earlier to choose the right school for them.

Many juniors have been researching schools that have their desired major.

Lailah Blackwell, a Central High junior said, “I have looked up colleges that have the programs I am interested in.”

She has also taken the ACT several times and has started to visit colleges that she wants to apply to.

One simple step that many juniors can do now that will help significantly is taking the ACT early to get a feel for the test and knowing the base score before the free one at their schools.

The Class of 2017 has been awarded many opportunities to also have to help to start the search of colleges that they want to attend. Programs like Memphis Reach and The College Initiative have been introduced to students to help narrow down their search, write their personal essay, brand themselves and either go to college programs that summer or visit a college.

Destiny Stokes, a Central High junior, said, “Memphis Reach has helped me not only go to a college over the summer and see what it feels like to take classes, be in charge of my own schedule, but to decide what type of school I want to go to in the future.”

Juniors are taking their college search seriously because they know that college is one more stepping-stone to in order to reach what they want to achieve in the future.

While many juniors are going to clubs and meetings, another simple step that juniors can take that would be simple is to look at the mail that is being sent to them by colleges. The information that is sent by email and mail can help juniors decide what school type interests them.

Myles Franklin, a Central High junior, said, “I collect college letters that I like. I’ve been creating portfolio of accomplishments and activities and groups that participate in to prepare form the application process.”

Juniors do not have to know their exact plan to get into their dream school just yet, but by taking these small steps they can help prepare themselves for the long process senior year.  The desire to search schools on the internet, or ideally going to visit one, can all be places to begin the college process.


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