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Every vote matters. Especially yours.

By Thea Wilkens-Reed (Homeschooled)

If you think your vote does not matter, you are completely wrong, it absolutely does. Every vote counts and you are needed to make a difference.

Only about 100,000 of registered voters in Memphis voted in the mayoral election on October 8, according to the Commercial Appeal. This means that about 25 percent of the amount of people who are registered to vote actually went out and voted. The fact that three-quarters of registered voters stayed home is disappointing.

As teens, let us be leaders in getting out and voting.

The process for registering to vote is quite simple. All a teen has to do is be 18 years of age and either register directly online with your state election office or complete the National Mail Voter Registration Form. After you fill out the form, you simply print the form, sign and mail it to the address listed on Tennessee Official Government page. You can also find the registration form at

You can also go directly to the Shelby County Election Commission office at 150 Washington Ave #205 in Downtown Memphis and register in person. It is important to remember that the form must be received by the voter’s office at least 30 days before the next election. By doing this we can increase the number of voters in Memphis and raise the percentage of those who actually participate in the voting process.

I also encourage you to remind your friends, family and relatives to sign up and vote.

Do not ever think your vote cannot make a difference. Do not let the fate of whom we choose to be the officials of our city be determined by such a small number of people. Be the difference that you want to see. Go register to vote. Today.


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This entry was posted on November 5, 2015 by in Features, Opinion.


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