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Drake and Future dominate in 2015

By Hali Smith (Central High School)

Canadian rapper, songwriter Drake joined Atlanta rapper Future for a surprise mixtape released at the end of September. Their nine-song mixtape has already been one of the most popular on the radio, Pandora and music app Spinrilla.

The dynamic duo has not gotten out of the studio all year. Future started the year off strong by dropping the album “Beast Mode” in January  and warning the public that this would be his year.   

Soon after Drake released his “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” mixtape in February without publicity, but it still managed to reach the top of the charts. Then Future came out with a surprise album of his own,  “Atlanta In Me” in March, reaching back to his roots and hometown. Just weeks later he unleashed his surprise mixtape “56 Nights.”  Only a month later, Future blew fans away with a “DS2,” a sequel to an earlier released mixtape.

The two’s mixtape “What a Time to be Alive” was a total shock to the public when it was released in September. Social media sites lit up with mentions of the album’s cover image, a mixture of diamonds and clips of many different songs.

The first track of the tape “Digital Dash” introduces Future and who he is. Both artists are featured in nearly every song, telling different stories over a mashup of beats.  The mixtape includes both artists equally alternating the chorus and verses, making Drake and Future’s album worth the listen.

Each of their collaborations are gathering attention, becoming  hits on apps such as and Snapchat, and in the general public. Drake ends the mixtape with radio favorite “Jumpman”, but these aren’t the only hits they have produced. “Diamonds Dancing,” “Plastic Bags,” “I’m The Plug” and others are skyrocketing in popularity and do not seem to be coming down soon.

After “What a Time to be Alive” Drake has a new album entitled “Views From the 6” scheduled with no official release date.  Drake and Future are sitting at the top because of projects from just this year alone. This year is a great time to be alive to witness these young artists produce greatness collectively and individually.


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