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Change the way you SHOPP on weekends

By Isabela Salazar (Collierville High School)

Have you ever had to explain why a “push-up” should be really be called a “push-down”? Have you ever considered why a car will move on gravel but not when stuck in mud? Or have you considered how fast a plane is going if a passenger dangles his or her watch in the aisle on a string at a 15 degree angle? Unless you are a devout physics fan or taking this challenging course at your school, probably not.

The Saturday Hands On Physics Program (SHOPP) at the University of Memphis provides resources, time and training for students who desire hands on development in critical areas of physics. Classes began September 12th and will continue until November 21st from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in Manning Hall room 201.

Classes are typically taught by Professor Samuel Mensah, who has devoted his time to planning lessons that will improve student’s conceptual application skills and prepare them for college.

Physics is a class required for most college majors pertaining to science, but can be extremely strenuous even to straight-A students.

Collierville High School senior Lauren Buras, who is working hard to be in Naval Aviation, attended SHOPP on September 12 and said she was able to “better understand the process of measuring forces on an object.”

Thanks to this program, her journey to becoming a pilot has been made even easier.

Savannah Pruitt, a junior at Collierville High, praises Mensah’s thorough teaching and said, “He explains things in a way that makes sense.”

Lastly, another junior at Collierville High, Josh Chen, said he enjoyed the visual examples and experiments he witnessed on September 19.

Whether you desire to work in the medical field, engineering, aviation, or even just to gain a better understanding of the world around you, SHOPP at the University of Memphis is a free option. The students involved are friendly and Mensah will help you improve your comprehension of complex physics concepts. SHOPP will experiment and cover criteria along with what you are learning in class and allow you to practice with all the tools they have available.


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