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Black Whopper: To try or not to try?

By Jacoby Holland (K.I.P.P)

Burger King has created a burger just for Halloween: The Halloween Whopper. The burger has a black bun which is a little off-putting to the normal person (who would think it may be rotten) but I decided to be brave and give it a try.


I ordered both a regular Whopper and a Halloween Whopper to compare and taste the differences.

The regular Whopper bun allows the flame broiled taste of the burger and ingredients to blend in together and make that signature Whopper taste that any Burger King fan loves.

The Halloween Whopper has a bigger and heftier bun which inhibits possible flavors a person has when eating a regular Whopper. This is primarily due to the steak sauce that is mixed into the bun when baked and it is this that gives the bun its black color and causes the bun to get bigger. Once you take a bite of the burger you get more of the bun (that really does not taste like steak sauce at all) than the other ingredients in the burger.

Both the regular Whopper and the Halloween Whopper were dressed the same way with lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions, pickles ketchup and mayo.

Based on there being more pros for this Halloween Whopper than cons the business executives at Burger King did the right choice by releasing a burger with a black bun. It not only draws attention to Burger King as a franchise but also increases sales for the Whopper brand by making people want to try it and also shows Burger King can get in the Halloween spirit. Try it before it ghosts away after the Halloween festivities conclude.

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