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Library creates space just for teens

Staff report

The Memphis Public Library and Information Center and Memphis Library Foundation welcomed teens and adults to the Cloud901 ribbon cutting on the morning of Sept. 16 at the Benjamin Hooks Central Library, 3030 Poplar.

Cloud901 is a free space for teens aged 13 to 18 to brainstorm, create, and present through digital skills learned from projects, workshops and mentor.

This space is just for teens (except staff and adult mentors).

Cloud901 spaces include the Sound/Mixing lab (a recording studio, with isolation and edit booths), the Video Production Lab (a filmmaking and editing area with a green screen and cameras), the Maker’s Space (a space with 3D printers, vinyl cutter, electronics, and more tools), the Technology Gallery (a display area for digital and art projects), the Performance Stage (an elevated stage for music, spoken word, business pitches, and other performances and presentations), the Gaming Zone (a video game space emphasizing video game design and creation), the Art Studio (a space for painting, screen printing, and drawing), the Lounge (an open seating area with large screen for premiere, screenings), Hi-Tech Treehouse (a graphic design area with specialty printers), the Collaborative Zone (a flex space with Dry-Erase walls), Homework Central (a study area with tutors), the Brainstorming Zone (a flex space with seating, books, materials and supplies), Dream Catcher (a reclining area), Dream Store (an area to check in with librarians, sign up for workshops and connect with mentors), Info Desk (a space to register for workshops, sign out equipment and access materials), the Play Café (the only space in the library where food and drinks are allowed) and the Gadget Garage (a secure equipment storage area with charging stations for electronic devices.)


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