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Maze Runner continues with another hit

By Breyanah Graham (Ridgeway High School)

Young-adult novels turned into films are certainly not something new. However, while long time favorites such as The Hunger Games series and Divergent series have laid the foundation of what to expect when seeing a film in this genre, the Maze Runner sage adds a new twist to the genre as Thomas and his fellow Gladers face a mysterious and powerful organization known as WCKD (World Catastrophe Killzone Department).


The Scorch Trials is the second movie in the Maze Runner trilogy, which is based on James Dashner’s best-selling dystopian young adult novel, the Maze Runner. Continuing right where the first movie left off in 2014, The Scorch Trials plunges right into the survival journey of Thomas (Dylan O’ Brien) and his friends after they escape the maze, but unknowingly place themselves in an even worse situation because the facility they have been rescued from the maze by is actually a cover for WCKD.  After overhearing a video conference with the head doctor, Dr. Paige (Patricia Clarkson) and learning that WCKD has been testing them to find an antidote for a global cataclysm called “The Flare” Thomas and his gang escape the facility and are forced to make their way through what is known as the Scorch.

Viewers follow them through intense action sequences as they try to reach a resistance group called the Right Arm which is fighting against WCKD and hiding out in a distant mountain range. However, making it across the Scorch is not an easy task and Thomas and his friends face dangerous obstacles and countless battles against zombie-like creatures that have infected by “The Flare” virus called Cranks as they travel across the Scorch.

While it might not be an easy task for the young actors, following Thomas and his friends along their journey through the Scorch was enjoyable to watch. The cast members and director, Wes Ball, visually capture the many chases and ludicrous narrow escapes of each of the characters in a way that leaves the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the movie.

“I probably jumped about twenty times because of all of those unexpected scare scenes,” said Andrea Johnson, a student at Bartlett High School. “I definitely wouldn’t have survived out there.  “I was actually really surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m not too big of a fan of action movies or thrillers, but it was actually a really great movie.”

However, following the trend of most films about young-adult novels and trilogies, Maze Runner leaves viewers dissatisfied by ending on a cliffhanger with the door wide open for the third book in the Maze Runner series.


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