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Halloween need not be tricky, make it a treat

By Dominique Malone (White Station High School)

Halloween is a night of wonder, horror, candy and arguably the most fun you can have in one night. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect idea to bring in the frights that feature the night. If you are stuck in a haunted house of not knowing what to do, then it’s time to listen to all the events that will be happening right under your nose.


A major event at Shelby Farms for the entire month of October is “Spooky Nights.” If you are already familiar with “Starry Nights”, then you will be acquainted with its scary surprising sister. “Spooky Nights” happens every Friday and Saturday night at Shelby Farms and it is complete with different levels of fright depending on what you can take while still being able to sleep at night.

The less scary of the activities is the “Headless Horseman Ride” where you are taken in a truck to see what happens in Shelby Farms after dark. The next activity is “Zombie Laser Tag” where you and your group of friends venture into the darkness to destroy the zombies in a large game of laser tag. A classic scary movie ritual is the “Haunted Trail” where you can walk along a forested trail hoping not to get scared by the numerous haunted guests that you meet. This year they will be having a new attraction called Zombie Paintball Hayride. So no need to stick with the basics of trick or treat, go to Shelby Farms.

The master of all events on Halloween is the “Haunted Corn Maze” located by the Agricenter International. It is something definitely not suitable for children, due to the ghastly shouts, immortal creatures and the complete feeling of being utterly lost. Nevertheless, if you still want all the ghouls and goblins with less fright, take a drive down the road to the “Haunted Web of Horrors” at Edwin Watts Golf Shop on Germantown Pkwy. It is sure to leave you frightened, but to a lesser extent.

Going out on Halloween may not please everyone and there is nothing wrong with enjoying a scary movie in the comfort of your own home. TV networks are sure to play numerous unique horror shows and movies for those willing to be frightened without leaving the couch. However, those bumbling trick or treaters may interrupt your evening, but you can always stick the candy bowl outside and turn off your lights. This gives you the perfect scary atmosphere while avoiding the hassle of pausing your movie every five minutes.

Even if trick or treating is your go-to idea, it’s always nice to broaden the traditional borders with an activity that will give you the equal amount of trick and treats.

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