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Atonement a novel worth reading

By Kenyona Chaney (Power Center Academy High School)

Atonement written by Ian McEwan, is a novel set in England during the 1930s. The cast of characters are the Tallis family and their household workers. Although Atonement starts off in a bizarre fashion, it develops to be a wonderful symphonic novel. From being assigned the book in Advanced Placement Literature class, I’ve grown to love and become engaged with the novel’s excitement, charms and mysteries.

The Tallis’ undergo family difficulties from one true perspective that is attempting to attain atonement for their actions.

The word atonement means the making of amends for one’s wrong doing and becoming reconciled.  In the novel, the term begins to make sense and becomes applicable through action, description and disclosing to a certain character.

There are many different interpretations of the novel and all lead to further questioning and analyzing. At school we are still reading and learning its obscurities.

Be prepared to have your mind blown, your feelings hurt and your intentions confirmed or denied. Keep an open mind while reading and remember anything can happen in one day. Visit a bookstore, library, or an online bookstore to get your copy.


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