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Advanced classes boost grades

By Khari Bowman (Overton High School)

High school: Four years of a student’s life where class rank and Grade Point Average can play a critical role in being admitted into the college or prospective university of their choice. While these may be important, students feel that it is harder to have high GPAs and ranks due to them not taking advanced-level courses.

Grade Point Average or GPA is a calculated average of grades acquired in school which follows a 0 – 4.0 or 5.0 scale.

Many colleges look to see if students have challenged themselves in high school by taking rigorous honors, Advanced Placement, or International Baccalaureate courses, which could potentially boost a GPA. Students who excel in multiple honors and AP, or IB courses can have a GPA closer to 4.0 or above on the weighted and unweighted scale.

Even if a student does not take honors or AP courses, he or she can still have an acceptable GPA if they maintain appropriate grades throughout their high school career.

Jada Jones, a junior at Overton High School was asked about her opinion on the importance of GPA and said, “I think GPAs matter because it creates competition. However I think weighted GPAs can be unfair because some students are smart, but their GPA might not be as high as others who have the opportunity to be in honors or AP classes.”

Standardized test scores are used to determine whether students get accepted into honors classes at some schools, while other schools allow any student to apply to take the classes regardless if they typically take standard classes.

Ashley Tipton, a guidance counselor at Overton High School said, “A student’s GPA as a ninth grader is just as important as it is during their senior year. It’s necessary that students stay focused and pass the required courses to graduate on time.”

GPAs determine class ranks of students. Class ranking is a summary of student achievement compared to others in the class.

The valedictorian and salutatorian have the highest academic achievements out of their class and are recognized for their accomplishments. The higher their GPA is, the higher their class rank will be. Students who take advanced classes are in the top percentage of their graduating class.


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