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Don’t only focus on bad events in schools

By Dominique Malone (White Station High School)

The recent events at White Station High School have led to an undesired, accusatory light on Memphis’ high-standard high school. News outlets and media sources released information about a fight that took place as soon as the video hit their emails. However, what they failed to do before allowing this breaking news story to air is determine the facts. The issue that has been bothering most students at White Station is that the news reporters did not take the time and energy to figure out what actually happened.

A report on one news station accused an older substitute teacher of running out of the classroom during the fight, when in actuality she was attempting to get help to stop the brawl. In addition, news reporters around the area simply put the video on a newscast and stuck a title onto it and called it a story.

Yes, students and teachers realize that what occurred was wrong and the causes should be examined, but the way in which the reporters garnered the information was wrong. Social media was the initial way to gain information about the incident, but social media is not an accurate source to learn information about an important issue. It is where teenagers and adults alike voice their opinions about any and everything happening in their world.

The fight shown has disappointed many people who attend the school and parents who have considered sending their children to the public institution, but the overarching thought is that our entire reputation should not be judged by the actions of eight misguided students. White Station High School is a school that puts as much effort into academics, as it does athletics; however, people always seem to ignore the 179 days every school year of accomplished achievement and focus on that one dreadful day. Because White Station is deemed as one of the best public high schools in Shelby County we are put on a higher pedestal and when we fall, we fall hard and fast; nevertheless, it should not be the case. Constantly harping on every negative thing a school does not only hurts the school’s reputation, but the morale of the students attending it. As a student of White Station High School, it does not make me feel good when I’m wearing a White Station shirt and someone says, “Oh, you go there, I’ve heard it’s not as good as it used to be.” The high school is just one school and will make mistakes like the next one, but the difference is our mistakes are almost always openly discussed.

Every school has fights. Every school has faults. Every school has failures. But every school does not have the public eye constantly looming over it. Before placing blame on our school, reporters should instead recognize our accomplishments. White Station has a litany of students on the honor roll, taking Advanced Placement classes, participating (and winning) in Knowledge Bowl competitions and dominating in sports; however, these wonderful achievements do not get over a million views on a news station–fights with no facts do. An effort should be made find the curiosity in the good and less in the few negative things that occur during the course of a school year.

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