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New artist SpaceGhostPurrp hitting the right notes

By Desmond Catron (K.I.P.P.)

If you acquaint yourself with Markese Rolle, better known under the alias of SpaceGhostPurrp, you’ll know that he isn’t your average rapper.

He is the founder of the Miami-based hip hop squad Raider Klan including other big names like Yung Simmie, Klan Rico, Amber London and Dough x2.

Purrp was basically born into the rapper lifestyle. During his childhood, his mother worked with the original gangsta songbirds, Bone Thugs N’ Harmony. His father was also a part of a big time rap crew in Miami, so as a second generational rapper, music comes easily to Purrp.

He grew up rapping with his mother, father, and other family members. In admiration of his family’s history, 3 6 Mafia, DJ Screw, and the 90s, Purrp has a dedication to the horrorcore scene by keeping the same “90s” flow. Growing up around the underground rap scene, making party music isn’t a problem for this Southern artist.

Chris Newman, a Purrp fan, is also from the Magic City of Miami. “A mosh pit is obliged to happen at any of his shows,” he said. “Going to one of SpaceGhostPurrp’s concerts is like going into a warzone, you’ll never know what will happen. Every minute feels like pure plutonium. His performances completely radiate your psyche, body, and soul. He’s like one of the lone artists that have been out in the preceding five years that I can really feel and vibe to.”

Like Kanye West, SpaceGhostPurrp is also a producer. He has joined forces with well-known artists such as Wiz Khalifa (“T.A.P.” featuring Juicy J on Wiz’s Taylor Allderice album) and A$AP Rocky (“Pretty Flacko”).

Purrp has come a long way, pressing his way into the music industry with a rockstar moniker, and by his performances at the Ultra Music Festival, going on tour with Trash Talk (the world renowned thrashing party boys of heavy-metal), and Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This new artist is one who won’t be fading away from us anytime soon.


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