The Teen Appeal

Giving truth to Memphis youth

The “Promposal”

By Ivy Arnold (Central High School)

From the escalating heels, to the suave tuxedos and sweet wheels, the empire hill of lace and rhinestones, to parents forcing you to come home, but there’s still one essential thing missing: THE PROMPOSAL!

There’s March, April, and don’t forget May (it’s never too late); who will you be taking as a prom date? By definition, a “promposal” is an elaborate and public proposal to take someone to a high school prom and is proposed in the most extreme way. Many of you may wonder, where in the world did the fast growing trend of promposals come from, beginning in Spring of 2001, the basic invitation to prom had finally met its match.

According to The Washington Post, the first reported promposal happened in Dallas, where teens were constantly hacking the office intercom system to make there wild proposal to their special someone in the mist of the whole school, rewriting “the words to Adam Sandler’s song in “The Wedding Singer”. (A sample: “All I wanna do / is go to prom with you”).”

A year later, the promposal movement spreads to Arizona and the Midwest where boys began to get more creative than just the intercom system, they began taking it to their future date’s houses, leaving rose petals, balloons, and giant bows stuck on to-die-for gifts outside their doors. But who do we have to really thank for promposals spreading from coast to coast? The one and only, social media.

In 2007, Facebook began to open up to high school students, Tumblr arrived on the scene early February and Twitter was created in March. With these giant social media staples, prom was never the same. Thousands of promposal ideas have been shared over these social sites, encouraging others to join in, especially for celebrity promposals in which 90 percent of the time has been successful when it comes to getting more than 10,000 people to retweet or like your post so that Kate Upton or Joe Jonas could go to prom with you.

According to YouTube, as of today, there are more than 950,000 promposal uploads from around the world, predominantly from Canada and the United States. Since 2013, promposals have reached an all time high, and there looks to be an even higher peak for the future. If you are a senior, I highly encourage you to plan one and play it out, for you only get one chance to attend your senior prom and it can even be your first run at a proposal.

But wait, there are some tips, don’t forget to include your friends in on the plan along with your future date’s friends, be very creative, and don’t forget to include a smaller idea that you know for sure that your future date will really love. And don’t forget, that promposals aren’t just for guys to do, but there’s several promposals which can be done by the ladies also.

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