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How to rock your prom style

By Courtney Cox (Central High School)

It’s that time of year again. The dresses have been bought, the dates have been picked and the venue is set. That’s right. It’s prom season, but this year it isn’t just the seniors and the ever-so-lucky juniors going, as the years go by. More and more underclassmen get to experience this wonderful event.


Prom isn’t like any other party that high school students experience. It is the party that we as kids dream of. The Disney film fantasies have filled our heads as we expect our prom night to be absolutely perfect! But what we don’t realize is the work behind prom, especially for the ladies. From getting the perfect ‘promposal’, to finding matching colors, a dress, shoes, makeup. Younger generations are already planning their prom night, even though they have many years to live through before the big experience.

The dress can be the best and worst part about prom. If the look is executed right, you will be the talk among your friends and on social media, but if you miss the target completely, the shade and rude comments will come flying. The dress has to have that perfect mix of classy yet sassy. The aim is for enough to make you look good, but not so much that you look a mess.               


Prom can be the greatest night of your life if you let it. Don’t let the stress of the road to prom get you in a twist, for seniors, this may be the last time you will truly enjoy your all your peers before you split up and leave for college.           Prom should be seen as a time for fun, memories, and celebration. After all the work you might have dealt with for that school year, once you put on that suit and tie or that elegant dress, all the work you did will seem totally worth it. Don’t put pressure on yourself to have the most amazing night of your life though, there are plenty more ahead for you.


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