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When the lights went out for gamers

By Khari Bowman (Overton High School)

On Christmas Day last year, many people had received their new Xbox and PlayStation systems and games, but a cyber attack on the two companies prevented anyone from accessing the online gaming world. A group called “Lizard Squad” claimed to have hacked the two gaming networks on one of the busiest and most-accessed days of the year.


Customers were devastated when they woke up to find that they couldn’t access the online networks of their gaming consoles. Some gamers furiously blamed Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation for not taking better security precautions. One teenager, James Owings, shared his thoughts on the two systems’ hackings.

“To me, the companies have been careless when it comes to security. Customers enter credit card numbers and a lot of other private information into the database in order to use the gaming systems,” he said. “I think the sole purpose of the ‘Lizard Squad’ hack was to create a wake-up call for Sony and Xbox so that they’ll start protecting customers’ information better. ”

Another gamer, James Kidd, shared his thoughts on the attack, “I was initially angry with Sony because I had just bought a bunch of new games and wanted to play them online. I eventually learned that PlayStation was hacked, so I had no choice but to wait patiently like the rest of the game console users.”

The attack on the Sony and Microsoft gaming networks occurred after the hacking of Sony Pictures’ computer network that was linked to North Korea by officials, although there is no evidence as of now to prove that the two hackings were connected. The United States blamed the attack on North Korea, partially due to release of controversial Sony film “The Interview” which infuriated the North Korean leaders, as the film parodies Kim Jong-Un. The film’s December 25 release was initially cancelled, but Sony ultimately decided to present it to a small number of theaters and it has since been released online.

Both companies immediately took to Twitter to inform customers of the mishap. Days later, Xbox and PlayStation online services were restored and gamers were reunited in the gaming world, although many were left with a bitter taste in their mouths.


One comment on “When the lights went out for gamers

  1. Robbie Bowman
    March 4, 2015

    Very informative article!

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