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Looking out for Real Good Dogs!

By Breyanah Graham (Ridgeway High School)

Real Good Dog Rescue has been operating in Memphis for 11 years adopting dogs in need from local, as well as regional animal shelters. Founder and director Lisa Trenthem has made it her personal mission to reduce the number of animals euthanized in area shelters around Memphis.

Trenthem started the program after spending a few years working with West TN Border Collie Rescue in Cordova. After making frequent visits to the Memphis Animal Shelter and noticing the shelter’s high euthanasia rate, she was immediately drawn to the cause and wanted to start her own program to help save and find suitable homes for all animals that was not limited to just Border Collies.


Since then, Trenthem’s organization has rapidly expanded and given homes to a numerous amount of animals in need around Memphis. With there being far more homeless pets than responsible homes for them in Memphis, the continuation of organizations like Lisa’s crucial to the well-being of mistreated and abused animals.  Their motto, “The best dogs come in unmarked packages” is still in effect and continuing to have a strong determination to make a difference.

This organization is not your typical rescue center. Trenthem, along with some devoted volunteers, foster the rescued animals in their own, personal homes while the dogs or puppies await their new families.

“We are a foster-based rescue,” she said. “We have no building to house pets. We bring the pets into our homes and treat them like they are our own pets. The most valuable resource we have is also the one in least supply, a great committed foster home.”

  Not many people are willing to open up their homes for animals, but Lisa’s motivation to open up her home to animals in need comes from the strong need for animals to be taken in. “There is not a day that goes by that we don’t receive calls for help. Until all pet owners will see the responsibility of spaying and neutering, our southern shelters will stay full. “It also helps a lot when I get an email or a visit from an adopter letting me know how much they love their adopted pet. This is a pet that would have died on the street or in a shelter!”

Trenthem and her band of volunteers hold adoption events every Saturday to find homes for their rescued animals. Volunteers that are willing to donate their time and talents, as well as money, to benefit the group are always welcome.

“We always can use good pet friendly workers at adoption events,” Trenthem said.

For more information about Real Good Dog Rescue, visit their website.


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