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Hard work pays dividends at Craigmont

By Timothy Richmond Jr. (Craigmont High School)

On Feb. 4, four Craigmont Chief football players put it all on the line when they signed to their future in the school’s library. Head Coach Cecil Vanhooks, as well as friends and family stood by to witness their achievement.

Darrious Threkheld, Andrew McIntyre, Kristian Wilkerson and Desmond Hawkins were recognized for their exemplary teamwork, skills and abilities. Among many things these four young men will be able to do what they love to do, while getting a free education.


The four received full-ride scholarships to Southeast Missouri State University, Lane College and Hinds Community College.

“This is what hard-work is all about,” said Coach Tim Anderson, the school’s Athletic Director., “Going to school on a free education and doing what they love to do.”

Hard-work and dedication is what makes a great football player, according to Chiefs’ quarterback, Andrew McIntyre. He received a full-ride scholarship to Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee.

“I feel that I will miss my school, but it was a good adventure, and I feel that playing ball at Craigmont taught us a lot,”  McIntyre said.

McIntyre plans to major in communication at Lane College and eventually play in National Football League or be a NFL announcer.

“In order to be successful, you have to be the best at what you do,” he added.

According to the wide-receiver, Kristian Wilkerson, being competitive is what makes a great football player. He believes that all success in this sport is determined by how hungry and competitive you are Wilkerson does not believe that he fits the description of a great player until he makes it to the NFL. He received a scholarship from Southeast Missouri State University located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and plans on majoring in business there. The hard work of his mother inspired him throughout his football career and still she inspires him to be better as he takes the next step in his journey

Desmond Hawkins said that dedication, diligence and adaptability are the factors that make a great football player. He believes that he fits that description in every way possible. He played as the defensive end on the Chiefs’ varsity football team and he says that his best game was against Wooddale High School, when he recorded five sacks. He was offered a scholarship by Hinds Community College in Jackson, Mississippi and he plans to major in physical therapy while there. In five to 10 years. Hawkins sees himself as a pro ball player or a trainer.

“There isn’t anything difficult in my sport, if you always work hard and play hard,” he said.

“Being dedicated to the sport is what makes a great football player,” said wide-receiver, Darrious Threkheld. He will be attending Hinds Community College alongside his fellow Chief, Hawkins. At Hinds he plans on majoring in physical therapy, as well. His ultimate goal is to be in the NFL and he sees himself in that position within ten years. Another goal of his is when he makes it to the NFL is to take care of his family. His mother’s motivation is his inspiration in life. Furthermore, his little brothers inspire him to continue playing football and with a positive attitude he believes that he can overcome his obstacles.

As emphasized by legendary football player, coach and executive Vince Lombardi, “Football is like life- it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.” Each of these four athletes bear this in mind as they embrace their futures.


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