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Is “Annie” just another remake?

By Julius Bedford (Craigmont High School)

The success of the movie Annie has shocked many people that prefer the classic version that premiered in 1982 or the 1999 remake.

The newest remake of the classic story featured Annie, Quvenzhane Wallis, a foster kid longing to be reunited with her parents in New York City. She lived with her foster mom Ms. Hannigan, (Cameron Diaz) a woman who did not like kids, but used them for their paychecks that the government awarded monthly for being a foster parent.  While walking the streets Annie noticed someone about to abuse a dog, which kickstarts the movie.

As a nod to the previous versions of Annie, the creative team behind this movie decided to keep the original songs from both the movie and the Broadway musical.

When asked her thoughts on the movie Olivia Bohannan, 16, of Craigmont High School, said, “Compared to the first Annie the first Annie was way better.”

Although there were people that disliked the movie, there were others that liked the new interpretation.

Ranesha Phelps, a Craigmont High School junior, said, “It was good, because it was new. I think that the director’s purpose was accomplished with a remake of a classic movie that I have seen since I was younger.”   

Erica Rico, 16, of Craigmont High School said, “I don’t have a problem with it. It would be nice if they had a Hispanic Annie as well because each race has a different culture and could provide a different interpretation to that character.”

Although the story has been modernized, the story at the heart of the movie still remains true and is still heartwarming.  It is remarkable how the Annie story has proved to be relatable to so many even over the years and this film is well worth seeing if you can


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