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Single Awareness Day: Feb. 14

By Hadiyah Weaver (Cordova High School)

We all know that one dreaded holiday for single people everywhere: Valentine’s Day. Instead of being bitter, sad, or lonely about not having that special someone on this day, let’s make that day work for us. Single ladies and single gentlemen, it’s time to learn how to survive Valentine’s Day.


Here are the steps you should take when you are single on Valentine’s Day:

Step 1. Realize that you are single and that it is okay. Valentine’s Day is just a holiday.  Who needs a person to give you a million flowers? Who needs a person to cuddle with? Who needs a person to say the corny pick-up lines to? Not you, that’s who. To begin the process, come to the conclusion that being single on this day is just fine.

Step 2. Find something to keep you busy. Now this could be your favorite hobby, spending time with family and friends, getting ahead in school, or anything else that you know would help you keep your mind off of not having that someone to call your own.

Step 3. Treat yourself. Whether it’s making or buying the best dinner ever, taking a soothing bubble bath, or even giving yourself a pedicure. Buy your own chocolate or watch your favorite movies. Enjoy your time and relax.

Step 4. Realize that you are a strong, independent person who doesn’t need a man nor a woman. You are strong enough to walk into school every day without that special someone. You are able to control yourself when you see couples in the hallways of your school. So you are able to deal with not having anyone on Valentine’s Day.

Now do you feel ready and prepared for February 14? If you follow these steps, Valentine’s Day will go by quickly and without a bother.


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