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Meet North Carolina teen pop singer Brooke Hummel

By Courtney Cox (Central High School)

When most people think of a teen pop star, they think of someone who has it all. No school, tons of free time and the countless fans that follow and idolize. That certainly is not the case for 15-year-old, Blowing Rock, North Carolina-native Brooke Hummel, a down-to-earth, gifted musician with a captivating voice and personality to match.

The high school freshman has a positive energy that would lighten anyone’s day. With her blended mix of country and pop, she is one voice you cannot miss.

Brooke Hummel: a teen star on the rise.

Brooke Hummel: a teen star on the rise.

In a phone interview when asked about what made her pursue music she simply replied, “My dad was an inspiration and taught me to appreciate every genre of music.”

She began to sing in the church, where she began to develop her voice and realize what special gift she held. Of course as she began to sing publicly she began to get recognized throughout her city.

“It’s a good feeling when people recognize you,” she admitted.

While, juggling school, extra activities and even a job, Brooke still finds time to enjoy what normal teenage girls do such as cheerleading and track.

“I make sure that I have a flexible schedule and that I stay focused,” she said.

Many kids aspire to be in the limelight, to enjoy the idea of fame and what it may bring. While fame is a great thing to have, nothing can replace the love and support of a family.

“Being close with family is important. If you’re not with your family, you don’t have a support system,” she said.

Brooke wants others to see her as an influential artist that both parents and kids can listen to.

When asked if an EP was on the way, she laughed and said, “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

For the latest information on Brooke Hummel, you can check her out on YouTube and watch her cover of “Skinny Love” here.


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