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Speak Up: A Call to Action for Memphis teens

By Ezra Hardy (T.O.P.S.)

Unless you have not switched on the TV or read a newspaper recently, you must have noticed the news about Memphis teens.

The past three months local media has reported incidents of mob attacks, thefts and shootings all committed by Memphis teens.

These groups of gangs, fighters and just teens trying to have “fun” are not considering the well-being of other teens who are actively trying to make a better impression of teens of Memphis. These ill-behaved teens should not be thought of as the majority; they are not.

As a counter-example, the Memphis Public Library recently held an event called #TeenUp901 to build buzz for their upcoming million dollar teen learning lab. Part of the event included an alert or call to action for teens to stand up and make a voice for youth. It included a video from about the innovation and ideas of teens around the world and how it benefited teens like them and their communities.

Teen Services Coordinator,  Janae Pitts-Murdock, who hosted this event said, “These teens that are here today have the opportunity to see what other teens are doing around the world. To improve how the world evolves, improve how people are living and so it’s a good day.”

Share your thoughts during a Teen Appeal Twitter chat at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 17. The hashtag for the chat will be #MemTeenTalk


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