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R&B sensation Latimore talks to Cordova

By  Deidra Shores (Cordova High School)

Pop and R&B artist Jacob Latimore visited Cordova High School in early November as a part of Heal The Hood’s ‘97 Days of Hope’. During these 97 days, Heal The Hood is focused on inspiring and motivating communities in Memphis. Aside from the ‘Wake Up’ tour with several motivational artists, Heal The Hood also brought 18-year-old Latimore to the school for a meet and greet.

During this sit down, Teen Appeal interviewed Latimore about his newest projects and even some personal topics.

Cordova High School students Deidra Shores and Megan Williams interview Jacob Latimore. Photo provided by Deidra Shores.

Cordova High School students Deidra Shores and Megan Williams interview Jacob Latimore. Photo provided by Deidra Shores.

When asked who his greatest inspiration was, Latimore said, “I think I speak for every entertainer today when I say Michael Jackson.”

He also talked about how coming from a musically-oriented family, where his father and uncle formed a gospel quartet, has helped him to become the diverse artist he is.         Jacob is a triple threat: Not only can he sing, he dances and is an actor too.

When posed with questions about the best and worst parts of being a popular young artist his age, he spoke about how great it is that he can reach so many people and spread positive messages while doing what he loves and having fun, that’s the best part.

He said, “There isn’t really a worst part. I can still go to the mall without dressing in a disguise, I might get a few pictures, but it’s not too crazy. Not yet.”

Jacob talked about the last movie he starred in, ‘Black Nativity’, this past Christmas Season. Aside from being among big names like Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson, Tyrese Gibson, Mary J. Blige and Nas, he talked about how this film gave him a chance to showcase all his talents unlike many film roles.

Students at Cordova received a fortunate opportunity to see and hear what a down to earth and humble person Latimore truly is.


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