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Consider these colleges for a fun experience

By Micah Davis (Power Center Academy High School)

As incoming ninth graders your excitement revolves around finally being in high school. You get more freedom, more responsibilities and ultimately more homework. (Boring!)

However, the closer you get to the end of high school you become overwhelmed with idea that you’re going to go to college pretty soon. Whether it is a happy feeling that you are leaving high school or sad that you are leaving your best friends, in the end your upcoming education and new experiences are something you have to look forward to.

For many teens, we know that the first thing on our mind is not the education we will be receiving but the parties, fun experiences, sororities/fraternities and new found friendships/relationships.

Here are some interesting facts about some schools you might want to consider.

A map to these fun universities. Image by Elle Perry.

A map to these fun universities. Image by Elle Perry.

If you are looking for a party school and do not mind the cold weather University of Wisconsin-Madison could be the school for you. With a total of 43,275 students enrolled, it was named the “sexiest” school in the country by the in 2013. There is always a positive side to every downside at this university. Inches of snow will not stop the daily flow of things. You and your 40,000 peers can just go outside and have a massive snowball fight. Besides the snow, the diversity and big sports program are also pluses.

If you are the type of big city guy or gal but love to have a little old-fashioned sleep-over pillow fights, why not go to college at New York University in New York?

NYU is located in the center of NYC itself. And you will not only get a private school education, but benefits of being connected to some major people in one of the biggest cities in the world. This is not your typical college with the usual fraternity parties in dirty little shacks they call houses. NYU’s type of party scene would typically be in a converted loft or warehouse. That’s where the ‘cool kids’ are. You can also catch other people such as celebrities around the campus.  People  such as the Olsen twins are known to visit the school often.  Not to mention students sometimes have a big pillow fight on the weekends on campus. Talk about student bonding.

The last school on the fun university map is University of Texas in Austin. It is the home of the Longhorns and it is a school that is big on football. So if you don’t mind the year-round heat, raging block parties, SXSW (music, film and interactive) festival and love the raging roar of the football crowd, then this could be the school for you. Even if football is not your primary interest, but politics is, then this school is also perfect for you. Having Supreme Court of Texas cases heard behind your dorm is no big deal at this school.             Also you would find it a challenge to get bored on this campus as it is just a short road-trip away to San Antonio and Dallas.

College will involve lots of work to prepare you for the real job world, but that does not mean it has to be boring. When thinking about your colleges do not solely look for the academic benefits, but also consider the extra-curricular activities. Making new friendships, relationships and having fun are all part of the complete college experience.


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