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By Hadiyah Weaver (Cordova High School)

Steven Spielberg appears to have yet another success again with his production of the new FOX show, Red Band Society. After debuting on Sept. 17, the new hit show has captured many teenage hearts across the nation.

Red Band Society airs at 8p.m. Wednesday nights on FOX. Photo provided by Hadiyah Weaver.

Red Band Society airs at 8p.m. Wednesday nights on FOX. Photo provided by Hadiyah Weaver.

“I just watched the first episode of Red band Society for the first time, and cried out every ounce of liquid in my body. Wow,” Lohanthony, a popular YouTube star, tweeted on the show’s premiere date.

The comedic drama stars Academy Award-winning actress, Octavia Spencer; young British native, Charlie Rowe and former child star, Ciara Bravo. The cast also includes Brian Bradley, known as Astro or The Astronomical Kid, a rapper who viewers may remember got his first big break on the first season of The X-Factor USA.

The show focuses on a group of teenagers who are patients in a hospital’s pediatric ward. Although they all are sick, they are trying to live their lives as normal teenagers which ultimately causes conflict. This series has love, drama, comedy and it’s centered inside of a hospital! I find it hard to imagine a better show.

“I can’t miss an episode,” said Jenny Clark, a  10th grader at Cordova High School and devoted fan of the show.

From the ratings of the first show, it was predicted that the series wasn’t going to last long, but that theory was proved to be wrong as viewer figures increased during the following episodes. Although starting off with a low number of viewers, Red Band Society has caught on and is becoming a favorite for teenagers around America.

“It’s so cute,” Cordova High School senior Keyana Miller said when asked about her opinion the show. “Oh, and how can we not mention how cute the actors in this show are.

Octavia Spencer, herself, gave the Pacific Rim Press a reason as to why they should watch the show: 

It’s a ‘dramedy’ that the whole family will love to sit down to watch together.

You can tune in to watch Red Band Society at 8 p.m. Central Standard Time Wednesday nights on FOX.


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