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An open letter to stressing seniors

By Kelsee Woods (Houston High School)

Dear Stressing Seniors,

You probably did not get much sleep last night because you put your all into yet another college essay, trying to convince a school that you are better than what you probably are. If that does not sound like you, then you are probably that senior that is seeing an ACT tutor to get your score just enough for the requirement of that scholarship that you really need.

Chances are, however, that you have been that senior that chugged Redbull or coffee just to keep your eyes open for the test you studied for all night because this is your last year to get your GPA up just a little bit higher. This last year of high school is very important to your future. Keep in mind though, spoiling the present with the worries of the future will only tarnish your youth.

This moment in your life is crucial. Your social life will shift, you (hopefully) gain even more maturity, and your entire life reaches a crossroad. The heavy weight of your future is placed on top of you and high standards are expected at a young age. Everyone expects you to know exactly what you are doing for the rest of your life, but you don’t even know what you are going to do after school. I understand your circumstance and my best advice to you is to breathe. Everything will be fine, rest assured.

Stop caring so much about what other people want out of you. Do not challenge your own sanity chasing after other peoples standards. Set standards and goals for yourself. Be your own motivation. The drive that you have for yourself will carry you to where you want to get in life. You don’t need to constantly feel the pressure of your parents, or anyone else, to reach your full potential. You can achieve great things all by yourself.

So enjoy your senior year. Go to football games, go to homecoming, or go to that house party this Friday. Take in this experience as opposed to having your future depend on it. Work hard, but experience life at the same time. Embrace the present while you take baby steps to your future.

A version of this article previously appeared in the Houston High School Pony Express. 


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