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Choosing a college

Yesterday we told you about the different types of colleges you can choose from. Today are some tips on how to build a suitable college list to enhance your chances of getting accepted!

Think 30%, 60% and 90% – Keep your options open!

30% – On your list you should choose schools that you believe you have a 30 percent chance of being admitted to. These schools will be the more competitive ones to get accepted and fewer students with a similar profile to yours have been accepted.

60% – These should be your ‘target’ schools, and ones which you have a 60 percent chance of getting into. These are still highly competitive, but alumni have similar credentials to yours. With your current grades and test scores, you should achieve acceptance into a few of these.

90% – These are schools you have a 90 percent chance of being admitted to. It is likely that you will be a stronger candidate than most other applicants. These schools should still be considered equally as important to you as the 30 percent and 60 percent lists, but you just stand a greater chance of acceptance.

But where should I apply?

Choosing a college is a personal decision to make, but there factors to consider when making that decision. Here are a few for your thoughts:

  • Location – Do you want to be in a big city, by a beach, near home, college town?
  • Cost – Will you realistically be able to afford out of state fees, or will you need a part-time job to fund yourself?
  • Academic rigor – Do you think the program you select will test you?
  • Size – Is the college big, small, medium in terms of students? Can you live on or near campus?
  • Type of college – (Check out our previous link for info.)
  • Student Body – Is there an active student body, will you be well-represented?
  • Activities – Can you get involved in societies, fraternities, sororities, sports clubs?
  • Academic programs – Does your choice of college offer the right program to further your education and career?
  • Family – Do you want to be closer to family and relatives?
  • Decision type – Do you want an early decision; early action; regular admissions; or rolling applications?

We hope this helped you. Don’t forget that the December issue of the Teen Appeal is in schools on December 2  (and online the same day). It is the College Edition filled with information to help get you thinking about applications, or helping you deal with the process you have already started.


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