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Strong relationships: Do you have the three Cs?

By Jocelyn Archer (Hollis F. Price Middle College High School)

I was in my car and switching through the radio stations, and came across V 101 and overheard the DL Hughley Show. I was lucky enough to have tuned in just in time to hear animal psychologist Jennifer Verdolin do a segment called “Think Like A Human, Act Like An Animal” where she references her book, Wild Connection.

In the book, animal expert, Verdolin spoke about her perspective about relationships that the tamed human and untamed animal have. Verdolin went on to explain the human relationship problems and offered an animalistic way of solving them.

Wild Connection takes an interesting position, relating animal mating to human relationships.

An example of this is when Verdolin emphasizes that good relationships must have the three C’s: Communication, Cooperation, and Compromise. Black-bellied wren couples take turns singing. This simple characteristic of their relationship involves all the C’s which us humans should aspire to have. So if your significant other is as unfaithful as a swan or your relationship is not as stable as Harlequin ducks, reading Wild Connection is an alternative guide to having a healthy love life.

This book will not disappoint you so try to get your hands on it fast.


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