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A Supernatural return to our screens?

By Erin Aulfinger (Central High School)

Supernatural returned for its 10th season on the air on Oct. 7, much to the delight of myself and other fans across the country. The night before, we were even gifted A Very Special Supernatural Special, a look back at the past 10 years.

Supernatural season 10 airs on the CW network

Supernatural season 10 airs on the CW network

The creators originally intended the show to be a “monster of the week” classic, but this quickly changed.

From the start, the brothers had an obvious connection, and every season added a new layer of mythology. Starting from the bottom up, each season peeled away the earthly scares. First came Demons and Hell; then, the Angels of Heaven. Finally, they introduced the idea of Purgatory, and revealed the great civil war being fought for this middle ground.

When I sat down to watch my favorite show return to our screens, I was a bit nervous. In recent months, the writers and producers have been criticized for contradictory writing and flimsy character development.

As characters go, the writers have had struggles in the past with recycling old stereotypes and the courage to kill off or send away key characters with. Charlie, a geeky and fun-loving cyber-mind, was recently sent to the Land of Oz with the one and only Dorothy. Abaddon was a strong demon in line for the throne of Hell—yet was killed before she could offer her help.

However, they and others have had good runs, and another strong female character was introduced in the premiere with a lot of spitfire. Ann Marie managed to be sexy and smart. She knew who she was and decided not to betray herself, as many other love interests have been prone to do.

As season premieres go, “Black” was confusing. Rather than clarifying the ninth season’s riotous finale (Dean’s a demon? Castiel is dying? What?!), three new characters were introduced, one killed off.  One of the new characters, a muscle-crazed avenger from Dean’s past, is left torturing Sam. Dean doesn’t even come to help—he practically thanks the guy!

Aside from the brothers and their usual back-and-forth behavior, Castiel and his former lieutenant Hannah went on a mission to collect some angels on the run. Along the way, Castiel is falling apart, coughing left and right. My heart ached watching him struggle with his failing grace, but congratulated the writers on portraying his personality so well.

Instead of dropping everything and making a cup of chicken noodle soup (Do angels eat that?) to eat in bed, he heads out on the road in his “pimp-mobile” to find these angels. Here’s where it gets spotty. Knowing Castiel, he sympathizes with humans—they’re good, powerful beings, able to overcome their own incompetence. Without the power of supernatural beings, he and other fallen angels have been impressed with their abilities.

Yet as he comes face to face with two similar believers, they just stand around comparing themselves to trout and bickering over whether or not they should return to heaven. In the end, we’re left with Sam being tortured by the weird new guy with “history,” and Dean proclaiming he doesn’t care about his little brother, which is certainly a first.

Besides the rather confusing storyline, this is on par for a premiere on this show. Supernatural has a history of radically improving as the season goes on.

This trend has long been a part of the show. Over the past few years, the actors have developed the characters, and some mid-series joiners such as Castiel and Charlie have kept the show afloat.

If there’s anything I’m waiting for, it’s the 200th episode. We’ve been promised a musical as a “gift to the fans”.


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