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Would you want to party next door?

By Desmond Catron (KIPP)

Jahron Brathwaite, also known as PARTYNEXTDOOR, is one of Toronto’s very own that has risen up to be one of R&B’s newest rising stars with the latest album, “PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO”, that already looks better than the first mixtape, PARTYNEXTDOOR in terms of sales and chart positions.

Formerly soft-spoken, Brathwaite has had a positive reaction to his first mixtape. He is keen to present to the world that he has more than one style and that he has the ability to work wonders on women with his dark, sensual and aggressive tone in this second mixtape. Tracks like “Thirsty” in which he tells a current lover how far he wants their relationship to go and doesn’t want to move too fast, but puts his worries to the side and stays with her for the night.

His vocals are completely electrifying and discharge a vibe that moves listeners can really attune to. PARTYNEXTDOOR stays true to Drake’s label, OVO Sound (that Brathwaite is currently signed to) by using smooth and atmospheric melodies which are a theme of the label. Other notable tracks on the album are “Options” featuring Drake, “Recognize” featuring Drake, “East Liberty”, and “FWU.”

PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO proves Brathwaite is an artist keen to continue his development and bring a different sound and style to the industry.



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  1. inayah ahmed
    November 8, 2014


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