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One high school opts to go against uniformity

By Hadiyah Weaver (Cordova High School)

Many students in the Shelby County Schools system will agree that uniform policies in certain schools can be frustrating. There is the issue of buying an extra wardrobe every year, and in time, clothes get smaller. On top of that, students are still trying to look fashionable in plain khakis, whites, blacks, and navy blues. However, for the 2014-2015 school year at Cordova High School, students are now allowed to have more choice with what they wear.

Yes, that’s right: Cordova High School students are now allowed to wear jeans any day they want to at school. Not only that, but they are now allowed wear collarless shirts. The students at Cordova are ecstatic about the new uniform policy. It isn’t completely a no-uniform dress code, but it is well on it is way to being one:

“I feel like these are baby steps to letting us be completely free out of uniform. They want to treat us like college students one step at a time. They are testing us to see if we will comply and they will be more lenient if we do,” said Cordova High School junior, Ahmirah Muhammad.

Valeria Martinez, a senior at Cordova High School said “Well I think it’s great, it’s more relaxed. Not only is it better for the student body, but for the faculty as well.”

The new dress code policy is aimed at helping to solve unnecessary problems at the school. Students are freely dressing in a comfortable manner, but still keeping a form of respect towards their body and others. During the last school year, the amount of dress code violations handed to the Cordova High School’s students was large and so a new policy could result in “less class interruptions and less hassle for the teachers,” according to Martinez.

Teens are expressive, and what better to express themselves than through the clothes they wear?


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