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Langford Market: For chic, stylish shopping

By Angelica Martini (Central High School)

In the heart of the Cooper Young district sits Langford Market, a multi generational store that offers more to the Cooper Young district then their creative clothing.

On USA Today’s “Memphis Cooper Young Best Shopping” 10Best list at number eight, Langford Market is described as chic and full of well-priced gifts for any type of style. Sally Walker Davies of 10Best described her personal experience with Langford Market.

“All the young trendsetters in town are talking about Langford,” she said. Davies also continued on to say how Langford gives off a warm environment, and when entering the store you can feel the creativity through their displays.

Carrie Vreeland is the manager for the boutique and described its clothing as “definitely affordable” and says that a whole family could find what they need at Langford. “We constantly are doing cross marketing with local businesses to help brand ourselves and support other local boutiques,” said Sam Davis another manager at the boutique.

Brighid Banburry, a student at Central High School said, “ The reason I like Langford market is because in Memphis there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to clothes shopping, but Langford has cute clothes that have more culture to them then other stores.”

Last month the store offered a “DIY” event every Thursday so keep an eye out for other events.

You can check out all that Langford has to offer at 2155 Central Ave.


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