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AP Class: Is all the extra stress really worth it?

By Dominique Malone (White Station High School)

Students know school can be a stressful time filled with the daily pressures to excel at numerous amounts of core classes. However, to really put the extra check mark on a college application is to fill it with the dreaded Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Many high school juniors and seniors add these to their already overflowing school schedules to add a little extra to their college applications, but what’s not thought about is how it truly affects them. Though the real introspective question a student needs to be asking themselves is why am I taking this and what do I assume to get out of it?

“Last school year I took one AP class and on a scale of one to ten my stress level was at a six. However, that is nothing compared to my stress level of an eight because of the three AP classes I am taking this year,” said Remi Parker, an 11th grader at White Station High School. In addition to the pressure to add a bit of uniqueness to a college application, students take these specific classes to be exempt from taking them in college. Nevertheless, the rigor of the courses is made for the average college student, but some high school students feel the need to attempt them anyway to ensure that they are fully prepared for what’s to come.

Darian Fuller an 11th grader at White Station High School had some opposite views on the matter. “I feel like it isn’t necessary, this is high school not college and I have other activities that I need to fit in.” She is currently not taking any AP classes and feels relatively prepared for anything that is thrown her way.

However, some AP classes are required to be accepted into certain programs in college. For example, you should take AP Physics if you want to attend the pre-med program in college or taking all AP English classes to improve for a journalism class in college. It seems to all tie together, but the missing link is these increasing stress levels that will only accumulate. With the workload and class curriculum to keep up with in these challenging courses it seems like stress is inevitable. Yet, the applications to AP classes are eagerly written by high school students anxiously waiting for their future outcome. So are these enrichment opportunities a helpful pathway to college or are they just another blank space to check, “Yes, I completed that”? There is no clear answer because it’s a matter of what you feel is necessary.



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