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The robots are coming!

By Molly Lowitzer

Collierville High School

On Wednesday, Aug. 27, something special happened at the AutoZone park. As the Redbirds warmed up to play the Fresno Grizzlies, a robot produced by Collierville High School students had the chance to throw the opening pitch of the game. The Redbirds staff couldn’t believe that this robot, which is smaller than one might expect, would be able to successfully throw the ball the distance required. But size can be deceptive, and Festus pulled through, shocking everyone.

Team captain Vance Hudson said, “Seeing our robot throw the first pitch was an incredible, nerve-wracking experience, but mostly I was just hoping no one would get hurt.”

The team made major modifications, such as a slingshot, to the robot’s body to accommodate the pitch.

Collierville First Robotics marked this as an opening event for their second season with high hopes to achieve as much as they did last year. With a team twice the size they had before, they view going back to the World Competition as an very reasonable goal and one they hold high.

For more information on Collierville First, you can follow them on Twitter @dragon_robotics or contact Shelli Brasher through Collierville High School.

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