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Young rising star in the fashion industry

by Angelica Martini (Central High School)

Aron Binkowitz's clothing line 'Aron Fifer' looks set to excite the Memphis fashion scene.

Aron Binkowitz’s clothing line ‘Aron Fifer’ looks set to excite the Memphis fashion scene.

Embarking on his latest exploitation Aaron Binkowitz strives to make trends rather then pursuing them. His clothing line “Aron Fifer” took off this past summer as he began to find his calling.

This Central High School senior recalls he had a love for the art of fashion even as a young child. “I actually don’t remember this, but my mom tells me I would say, mom don’t wear that shirt with those pants. It doesn’t look right,” Binkowitz stated. Binkowitz then learned his sewing techniques using his muse, his mom and by letting his designs flourish from a needle, Binkowitz was quick to fabricate his first piece with her support.

With no hesitation at all, the young designer describes his clothing line as a sense of a pure exploration. Not a “one man show,” but a journey for him and the consumers of his line to find themselves within his designs.

Leah Friddle is a newfound colleague of Bimkowitz and assisted on a photo shoot for “Aron Fifer” in July. “I feel that Aaron has a lot to bring to the table. From intricate designs to endless possibilities he expands the minds and works of the fashion industry in Memphis, Tennessee,” Friddle said.

The Memphis local is known as innovated by his piers, forming urban art into an entrepreneurship and is certainly a designer to watch for the future; Binkowitz has his path planned out and says confidently “I want to be able to create for the rest of my life.” You can explore the “Aron Fifer” line on Twitter and Instagram @aronfifer.


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