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Music group bringing audio Cerynity


By Eboni Johnson

Middle College High School


Middle College has a new singing group? Yes, and they are known as “Cerynity.” Cerynity consists of talented young female students who are seniors in high school and express their love for singing and dancing.

 The group began with senior Mary Pirtle asking Breana Collier if she wanted to form a singing group. They formed the group in December of 2013, and recently they added two more members: Kendria Lobbins and Olivia Harris.

While most of the members are involved in a number of activities outside of the group, they’ve still managed to get together and practice from 3 to 5 p.m every Wednesday.

So just how did the group form and come up with their name?

 “I came up with this group because two years ago Breana and I discovered that we both had something in common and that was singing, we tried to begin a group then but it didn’t work out,” Pirtle said.


“Now that two years have passed, I have suggested that we try again,” she added.” Breana agreed and she began to think of us a group name, which was ‘Cerynity.’”

“The way I came up with the name was by just saying the word ‘Serenity’, we looked it up and the saw the definition and decided that’s what/who we are and that’s what we are going to be,” Collier said.

But what about Cerynity’s newest members, Lobbins and Harris who are also responsible for Cerynity’s fashion merchandise? What was their motivation in joining the group?

 “I want to have people similar to my goal of singing to show people what we are made of,” Lobbins said. “I do think Cerynity will still be together after high school. I love this group; we have a strong bond with each other so we can get through anything.” 

“I became a part of this singing group because I like to sing. However, I am more of a gospel girl, and I mainly sing at church,” Harris added. “I am very shy but when I listen to gospel I change. When I heard about Cerynity, my mind changed, and I decided to do both and so far I’m glad I did. I believe that Cerynity could still be together after high school but it depends on where we are in our lives. We will always be connected because we are like family but only time can tell if we will still be together.”

Already having performed at the school’s auditorium, the group plans on performing at the Kroc Center, churches, and businesses. They perform mostly R&B covers but are also working on their own material.

Middle College’s Cerynity is aiming for the top.  With the support of other students, maybe they can actually make it. Either way, the four young ladies are ready to at least try.

“I do feel that Cerynity will become famous and make it somewhere,” member Lobbins said.

“We’ve got some work to do before we get to that point, but I know we can become famous and make it somewhere.”



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