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How to love your body


By Oreatha Cox

Douglass High School

There has been an epidemic of teens having serious concern about their bodies. Many teens are self-conscious about their appearance and are going to extreme measures to have a perfect body.

In in an article from World of Psychology by Carolyn C. Ross states that “85 percent of female teens are unsatisfied with their body and how it appears.”

Many teens have said that they are bullied about being “fat, sloppy, or disproportioned.”

It has been known that bullying in the United States is becoming a serious problem because many individuals are becoming suicidal or depressed.

Joaquin Phoenix and Michael Honda have noticed this epidemic and have tried to let teens know that bullying is real and should be acknowledged.  The two wrote a column on the subject in 2012 for USA Today, called “Our children face a bullying epidemic.”

“It is estimated that 13 million American children are teased, taunted and physically assaulted by their peers, making bullying the most common form of violence our nation’s youth experience in 2012,” the two wrote.

The human body is unique and no one has the same type of body. Each person is made in God’s own image. To truly love yourself you must look in the mirror and say “I’m not perfect, but God made me and God never makes mistakes.”

If there are changes you want to make then try moderate exercise and eating right. Healthy fruits and vegetables can help you have a healthy glow. I have also found out there are five easy steps to loving yourself.

  1.  Step: Acknowledge the fact that you have flaws like everyone else.
  2. Step: Mind over matter: Find things like music that calm you.
  3. Step: Desire to be yourself, because there is only one you.
  4. Step: Read information about how to have a healthy body.
  5. Step: Invest in clothes that make you feel fabulous and strong.

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