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The Next Big Thing May Just Be: ZENDAYA


By Tavia Payne

Central High School

Have you ever had a special someone that you wish you were with you all the time and you replay their voice over and over again? Well, that’s what Zendaya’s hit single “Replay” is all about.

The song “Replay” is a fun, club-ready track that actually has a surprising R&B vibe to it. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, this would be an amazing song to listen to, because of its interesting play on words in the lyrics of the song: “I can listen to you all day, Hear you all day, Wanna put this song on replay, We can start all over again, I wanna put you on replay.”

When the hosts of Black Entertainment Television’s 106 & Park asked the singer what she thinks about her song, Zendaya said, “It’s one of those songs that’s creating its own lane or genre. I don’t think it’s pop, hip-hop, or R&B, it’s kind of a mix with pop sound beats with a R&B kind of melody and an urban twist.”

Now, you may have heard of Zendaya before. That is because she is a 17-year-old actress, singer, and dancer. She stared on the hit Disney show Shake it Up and has been the youngest contestant to be on Dancing with the Stars. She has also been compared with other talented female artists such as the late singer Aaliyah, Rihanna, Ciara, because of how mature her vocals are.

DeAnna Black is an 11th grader at Central High School, who loves Zendaya’s music and said she thinks she is a “good role model.”

“She shows kids that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard for what you want,” Black said.

“She is very talented and beyond her years,” Miyha Vaughn, a junior at Central High School said. “I really think she is a great dancer and I really love her new music video.”

Overall, Zendaya is one to watch and clearly the next big thing. Her song “Replay” is an incredible, fun, up-beat track to dance to or just have fun with someone you want to be around 24/7.

All in all, it gets a 5.


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