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Surviving the rest of the school year: A simple guide for graduating seniors

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By Aspu Lewis

Hollis F. Price Middle College High School

Give yourself a pat on the back, seniors. 

You’ve made it halfway through the school year, and we don’t have much longer, just a little over three months left to go. Go ahead and read that again. Let it sink in.

 Realizing this, however, has many seniors across Memphis as well as the rest of the United States yearning for the long awaited day of graduation. Everyone is anxious, causing new behaviors to manifest. 

 “It’s very stressful,” said Nitoria Itson-Alexander who attends Hollis F. Price Middle College High School.

 Many students start to get lazy around the second semester, not putting in much effort to do anything related to school. Everyone gets it; we’re all tired. Regardless, we have to stay focused because it is still important.

“Reality is about to strike. No more games!” added Itson-Alexander.          

Senioritis is a real thing, and it starts off like a parasite that slowly takes control over you. There’s nothing you can do to stop it, and by May, you’ll probably be begging for the year to be over. You lose concentration and you’d rather go out to the movies then get your work done. 

Here are a few tips that make the rest of the school year a little easier.

Send in updated transcripts and other important documents to colleges early•Go ahead and put in a request with your school that your updated and final transcript be sent to the college of your choice. It’s simple and easy to do, and it’s another thing checked off that was probably contributing to your stress.

Get enough sleep•No one wants to be tired and cranky at school. Over time, the lack of sleep will contribute to overall stress level. Make sure you go to bed at an appropriate hour (Get off Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!) so that you’ll feel well rested in the morning, and, as a result, you’ll have a better day at school.

Keep your grades up•It can be difficult to concentrate on assignments and final exams. By this time, you have probably finished all of your applications for college, maybe gotten quite a few acceptance letters, and, with that being the major focus of senior year, it is understandable that you may get a little sluggish when they are finally completed. Colleges still keep track on how well you do during the second semester, and you want to make sure they’re still confident about accepting you.

Have a day to RELAX:

Listen to your favorite music•Everyone loves music, and it is common knowledge that it can brighten spirits.

Watch funny videos• Laughing is the easiest form of therapy. There are a number of awesome comedic YouTube channels.

Go out with friends• Going out to the movies or out to eat somewhere with friends is always fun, and will distract you from school worries.

Drink some tea•Tea, that’s it? Yes. Tea has many health and body benefits. Just the scent alone can make you feel emotionally and mentally cleansed. Try getting into bed with a nice, hot cup of tea before you go to sleep. (I recommend green lemongrass tea or honey lemon ginseng green tea.) After it, I’m sure you’ll feel much more relaxed. It also seems to help my brain sort and organize the heap of thoughts that add to my stress level. 

Light some candles•Candles make the ambiance of a room instantly cozy and comforting, and if they are scented, the added smell can definitely reduce stress.

Finally, enjoy your last year•Don’t be in such a hurry to graduate. You will never be in high school again. India Mathis, who attends Hollis F. Price Middle College High School had this to say: “I was rushing in the beginning, and then I realized that graduation is coming soon so now I want to slow down and enjoy it.”  Appreciate being around all of your friends and fellow classmates; everyone will be going their own separate ways. You probably won’t see many of them for a very long time. 

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