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Middle College shows off its fashionable uniforms


Photo By Eboni Johnson
Middle College Senior Alexis Thronton shows off her style.

By Eboni Johnson

Middle College High School

Middle and high school students know that school uniforms are boring and plain. Yet, parents, teachers, and other staff members feel as though it’s a way to keep gang violence out of school. Meanwhile, every student knows they have to wear black and white shirts and brown, black, and blue pants.  But at Middle College, students like to change their uniform and add a little flair.

Middle College senior Kiara Adams jazzed up her uniform with a gray cardigan, gray shoes, and gray earring studs.

“I know the uniforms are plain, but I felt as though I should be different than others and add something to [it],” Adams said.

Senior Alexis Thornton had a button-down white shirt with a gold necklace, gold and brown bracelets, “MC Hammer pants,” a black belt and some comfortable brown shoes to match.

“I dress my uniform up because I am a fashionable person, and my style is never boring and plain, so my uniform will never be boring,” Thornton said.

Mary Pirtle, also a senior, dressed her uniform up with a nice black skirt and a button down white shirt, black flats with rhinestones on the top of the shoes, a silver necklace and a silver watch. Pirtle said, “Uniforms are boring and plain, but my uniform is always on point and never plain nor boring.”

That’s how some girls at Middle College dress up their uniforms, but what about the boys? Yes, the boys at Middle College dress their uniforms up too.

Malik Sugarmon, also a senior, had on brown pants and a polo long sleeve button down shirt with some nice green dress shoes.

Malik said, “I dress up my uniform because I dress to impress myself and I know I look good while in school uniform as I dress it up.”

Why not spice up school uniforms just a little bit or a whole lot?  Students at Middle College have shown that they like to be different from others and spice up bland outfit options.


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