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Will your romance graduate with you?

By Sydney Harris

Central High School

As college slowly creeps upon couples, it’s time to start thinking if your significant other still be by your side next fall.

Will you be writing a heartfelt break-up speech about how it’ll be better if you two just stayed friends?  Will taking a “break” to figure things out be best, or will FaceTime dates and spontaneous college visits be on the agenda?

High school couples always seem to think that their relationship will outlast forever if it could, but somewhere they block out graduation and going to college, where they could potentially be miles apart. Central High’s favorite couple, Zhevin Tennial and Brittany Hill, has been together for eight months and has been best friends for three years. They have realized that anything is worth a try to keep their relationship intact until college.

Tennial noted, “If you can stick it out until the very end, you’ll be rewarded by how strong your relationship is than it was in the beginning.”

Though that sounds easier said than done, especially since as a teenager when temptations are thrown left and right and, particularly when you know you aren’t going to get caught.

Hill gave an example of how she goes about temptation when she faces it.

“It starts within one’s self,” she said. “Therefore, I beat out temptation by not having the desire to do things that would jeopardize my relationship. Also, I remind myself that I wouldn’t want all the time I invested in my relationship to in vain.”

Let’s say you’re like Brittany and Zhevin and thinking about giving your relationship a try during college. What do you think would be useful to keep the spark in your relationship?

“Never be too predictable” said Tennial. “In college you’re going to need excitement to carry you away from the fast-paaced campus life and realize that someone cares about you and wants to see you happy.”

For a couple who has  been through the testy waters of college and maintaining a relationship astray for a year, Nekiaya Elam, a freshman at University of Knoxville, advises that you trust one another, for a relationship cannot succeed without trusting that your partner is not going to do anything to bring anguish to you or disrespect your relationship.

Her boyfriend Brandon Crawford, a sophomore at University of Knoxville, said “Being in a serious relationship is a lot of work, and not something you should do if you’re not going to put your all in.”

He said made it his daily goal to make sure he placed a smile on Elam’s face.

College is a major step into adulthood and the real world; with work some of those high school relationships will make it into that next phase.


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