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Middle College hosts Scaretastic Fashion Show

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By Eboni Johnson

Middle College High School

Lights. Camera. Action. Middle College’s Scaretastic Fashion Show was beyond amazing. The models showed off their sense of style and ripped the runway. They twirled their umbrellas and danced to “Thriller” dressed as dead zombies.

The official name of the modeling society is “El Aspectro Feroz.” This club was established three years ago. The club has many members that have been a part of it since freshman year. The club has also had members that have gone on to graduate. This was El Aspectro Feroz’s first show of the 2013/2014 year. The models are between the 9th and 12th grade, and they are all of many sizes.

To start with, the lady that made all this happen is Marie Crooks. She has been the club sponsor for four years now and she knows how to rip the runway as well.

The club president, senior Kendria Lobbins, said, “It’s an amazing club because of Ms. Crooks. She has helped so many girls become young ladies ready for society. I even learned a lot about myself throughout this club. Anyone wanting to know how to walk and learn how to, this club is for you.”

Lobbins has been doing the modeling society for four years now and has been one of the best models Middle College has ever had. She is also the society’s second tallest model, behind our tallest model who is 6’2”. Lobbins has modeled so many different outfits, she could teach a young girl to be the model she wants to be.

“I really love this club and it is a very fun club and I like to show off my sense of style with fashion and working the runway,” she said.

El Aspectro Feroz will have its next fashion show Valentine’s Day and in the springtime.  But overall, El Aspectro Feroz is an option for young girls that would like to express their sense of fashion and would like to rip the runway and feel like a star.

Participants in the Scaretastic show noted that the show was good.

“It was a great show, and everybody looked very pretty and I really enjoyed it,” said Auriel Reed.


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