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Middle College boasts new orchestra program

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By  Eboni Johnson

Middle College High School

When discussing the topic of music, there are several genres such as rap, jazz, country, blues, and and so on. But when discussing the type of music that encompasses all genres, put together as one, there is the  Middle College Orchestra.

So far, Middle College’s Orchestra has performed twice, and a student from Middle College has played in the Bellevue Baptist Church Concert. The school’s orchestra features several instruments like violins, violas, cellos, and basses. Yet, Middle College Orchestra cannot do this entire work on their own; it have their Orchestra teacher by the name of Michelle Johnson. The orchestra has performed at the school’s honors program and has had the opportunity to perform at the Dinner with Data program. Many students have a passion for music, and orchestra is one of the ways that some express themselves.

Ninth grader Carl Johnson Jr represented Middle College at Bellevue Baptist Church on Oct. 17. He plays the cello.

“It was a great experience,” he said. “I really enjoyed going out to Bellevue Baptist and playing with a lot of teenagers and professionals around the city.”

Carl has played the cello for 12 years now and has had a great deal of experience performing music, in general.

Johnson is not only directing the orchestra at Middle College High School but also at Whitehaven High School. Her students  at Middle College say that she is a great teacher.

“Mrs. Johnson is one of the best teachers to ever help one play the violin. Mrs. Johnson is a hard worker and makes life easy,” senior Rick Johnson said.

Rick has played the violin since last year, and he said, “Last year I was a beginner, and now this year I am advanced so much with music, and I think this will help me with my college major as a music engineer. I have learned a lot since last year and it has helped me so much.”

Twelfth grade student Breana Collier also has played the violin since last year.

“ I love playing music,” she said. “Music is my everything and by playing in the orchestra, this helps me with learning more advanced music and gives me the chance to play with professionals one day.”

The last event for the orchestra was a concert at Murray State University in Murray, Ky on Nov. 25. Students worked to raise money in order to attend that trip.

With that trip and other experiences, the Middle College Orchestra has a number of talented students who are using their experiences to help them reach their goals.


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