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Keep calm and apply for universities: Seniors deal with stress while planning for college

Students may experience a bit of stress while handling college and FAFSA documents.

Students may experience a bit of stress while handling college and FAFSA documents.

By Sydney Harris

Central High School

No matter who you might have ran into at Central High School in the last few months, if the conversation started on college admissions, every student and counselor gave the same long sigh. Not shortly after that followed their stories on how stress is taking a toll on them in some kind of way. On top of an abundance of homework, after school practices and meetings, and staying abreast of social media, seniors stress over college admissions.

Autumn White, an aspiring Baylor University freshman at Central, talked about applying to college, and gave her thoughts on how she felt her experience was going. White said that her most stressful part was “presenting myself as the perfect candidate in college advisors’ eyes.”

White added that it is a totally different process than was she was accustomed to and one that takes a great amount of time and effort.

While others, like Shaina Ross explained that the most stressful part for her was finances.

“Inside and outside school activities don’t understand that financial deadlines runs along with other expenses regarding college,” she said.

Ross said that those multiple expenses prevent her to get college applications completed in a timely fashion.

While some students depend on academics and extracurricular activities to carry them on in the acceptance pile, others like Tia Wooten—a highly recruited basketball player—just waits as the schools come to her to have her play at their school.

Wooten said “it works backwards with athletics.”

Though the stress may seem overwhelming, Michael Curtis was willing to share some advice on how he deals with the process. He laughed as he replayed the moments he was on the verge of giving up because of the college process.

“It’s not always going to be easy but, you must push through it all,” he said. “Prioritize your tasks and hold yourself accountable for the goals you set forth.”

A guidance counselor at Central, Lance Allred, also offered advice to seniors stressing the college entrance process.

“Try narrowing [your]  college choices down to a manageable number, while incorporating [your] reality,” he said.  “Reality” meaning your family’s financial situation.

Through research, talking to friends, and listening to teachers and counselors, seniors at Central are only months away from taking the first few steps of their college journey.

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