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Preparing for the real world: MHCA introduces students to potential health career

newpics of cna students

Photo by Tameka Rodgers
Lakeshia Kearney, left, helps Erique Green in a wheelchair while practicing skills.

By Tameka Rodgers

Memphis Health Careers Academy

Preparing for a career of your choice in high school, is an incredible way to know what to expect once you graduate high school.

Memphis Health Careers Academy is a small learning environment that offers something most schools do not. It was designed for students who are mainly interested in the health field.  Throughout the years, it has developed other classes that will prepare students for the career of their choice.

What has drawn students from other schools is the Certified Nursing Assistant program Dr. Gwendolyn Robinson, who  founded the program in 2009 and is perhaps the most beloved teacher here at Memphis Health Careers Academy. She loves teaching and informing her students on what to expect in the real world.

“ You have to have a passion for people to work in this field,” Robinson told the students as they prepared to get their certification.

The CNA program prepares students who want to work in that particular career. This program at MHCA is strictly designed for seniors so that when they graduate, they will not only leave with their diploma but also with their certification as well.

To be successful in this program students will need to take courses that will help them throughout their enrollment. Courses include anatomy, physiology, medical therapeutics and medical terminology.

In class, students talk about the importance in knowing the skills needed to properly succeed at being future CNAs. For instance skills like taking care of a resident by feeding them properly and knowing how to properly dress those residents are extremely important.

Perhaps the most important skill students will need to know while working in the health field is learning how to always practice standard precautions. Standard precautions are methods that CNAs have to practice on every single person in their care. It helps prevent unnecessary distractions such as getting a patient sick because their caregiver didn’t do his or job properly.

Students who have graduated in the past have taken advantage of this opportunity by working immediately after high school or going further into the healthcare industry.

“Plausibly, I feel that the CNA program is an advantage that us students have here at MHCA,” Shakarah Nolan  said.  “This school is outstanding because it gives us opportunities to experience what we will actually have to face in the real world.”

“By participating in this program, I know that I will be able to help someone in need. I’m enjoying it,” Talitha Windless, former student added.

Seniors here at MHCA are getting prepared for the real world. Throughout the year, students in this program will continue to progress.


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