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Drake’s latest continues to leave mark

Drake took a break from filming a music video in Memphis to take a picture with Deidra Shores.

Drake took a break from filming a music video in Memphis to take a picture with Deidra

By Deidra Shores

Cordova High School

Some music artists focus on beats. Some focus on lyrics. And some just focus on making people feel good. But one artist incorporates that and so much more. Drake has made his mark on the hip hop industry with two extremely well-selling albums in the past few years Take Care and Thank Me Later, as well as mixtapes.

He has become just as famous as his mentor who brought him into the Hip hop game, rapper Little Wayne. He has become well respected with much expected, as he indicates with  “…I reach heights Dwight Howard couldn’t reach…”, a line from his intro to his most recent album Nothing Was The Same.

This is his junior album, and it gives us just a peek into the life lived by a rap star. His albums have been like book sequels, and in this volume he’s naming names and putting it all out there. He catches up his fans on the issues we already know about and reveals new ones. He talks about everything from the rebuilding of his relationship with his father, to the girl that worked in Hooters restaurant that he thought was “the one.”


In this album he is much more open about his quest for true love. He has gained a reputation for being more of a sensitive rapper because of how open he is about what and who he cares about. He tells his truth. In this album he talks about his experiences in life and what he wants out of it.

He undoubtedly defies all commentary about him being a sensitive rapper with tracks like “Wu Tang Forever” and “Worst Behavior” just to name a couple. Through all the criticism and doubt he has still managed to have the number one album in the country in his first week of sales. That’s a mighty accomplishment seeing how we live in a world of digital bootleggers taking artists for granted.

He said in an interview on Black Entertainment Television’s106 & Park that when he was asked was this his best album he answered “…my next album will always be my best album…” I don’t know what this music mastermind has up his sleeves but he has made a mark on listeners with this latest album Nothing Was The Same.


One comment on “Drake’s latest continues to leave mark

  1. brittney hardy
    December 29, 2013

    Hey Deidra Shores you might don’t have a clue who I am, but I remember you when you was elected for the news thingy and spoke at some church, but you as a successful person inspires me.

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