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The Weeknd’s emotional Kiss Land a great listen


By Chris Marshall

Hollis F. Price Middle College High School

Have you ever stayed home on a late weekend night, got into your feelings and just wanted to sulk?

Maybe your mind has wondered, or you were confused about life?  Well, Kiss Land is the soundtrack to your emotions.

Canadian artist The Weeknd released his second album Kiss Land Sept. 10 Kiss Land is the successor of Trilogy (2012), which was a compilation and re-mastered versions of his mixtapes House Of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence released in 2011.

If you’ve heard the compilation or mixtapes and expected Kiss Land to sound any similar, then prepare to be surprised. The Weeknd’s latest is dark and more serene than ever. The artist has moved into an entirely different concept and even a revamped sound. The 10-song album (12 song Deluxe Edition) has features from Drake, Pharrell, and Kavinsky.

The Weeknd tells a story in each song about his desire of an unidentified woman, who is his addiction and names songs using environmental qualities. He follows ‘Adaptation’ with ‘Love In The Sky’ describing the desires of his affection unearthed when he’s with her.

His headline track ‘Kiss Land,’ which was produced by notable producer Silkky Johnson, is a seven minute, thirty-six second blunder as he flaunts his success and relevance of why she is interested in him. One of his singles ‘Belong To The World’ talks about him falling in love with the wrong person by using lyrics “I know I should leave you and learn to mistreat you, cause you belong to the world” which follows hard hitting kicks and dramatic slaps.

The Weeknd described the album in a July 2013 Complex interview:

Kiss Land symbolizes the tour life, but it’s a world that I created in my head. Kiss Land is an environment that’s honest fear. I don’t know who I am right now and I’m doing all these outlandish things in these settings that I’m not familiar with. To me it’s the most terrifying thing ever,” he said.

The heartpounding bass, echoing of synthesizers, terror screams, rumbling thunder, guitar runs, and snaps create a dark cloud of wondering. The lyrics of heartfelt emotions and vivid descriptions create the ultimate experience while in Kiss Land.

This album will transform you into visualizing yourself in a setting such as Kiss Land once your earphones in. The production of this album can be interpreted in multiple ways whether you take it as lounging music, emotional music, or thinking music, it makes you feel some type of way every listen. The 55 minutes and 38 seconds it takes to listen to this album will draw you into your own fantasy. Overall, Kiss Land represents a twisted dark desire, whether it’s bad or good.

It gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars.


2 comments on “The Weeknd’s emotional Kiss Land a great listen

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  2. Jen
    January 12, 2014

    If you like The Weeknd, then you’ll love new artist KES.

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